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Corriboard is great for short term outdoor and estate agent signage, as its light weight makes it easy to fit. It is very popular with and is ideal for election signage, building safety signs, hoarding and exterior sale signs.  It produces bright and vivid colours when printed on either of our flatbed or vinyl printers.  All of our corriboard signs are printed in high resolution full colour with UV inks to prevent fading. All our signs can be laminated for added extra protection against weather and damage.

Corriboard or as it's often called correx is an extruded polypropylene twin wall sheet. It is used for short to medium term signage and can be printed in any size required.
  • It is lightweight yet strong, durable and tear & crack resistant.
  • Corona treated, it is the perfect substrate for printing for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • It withstands moisture, greases and most chemical agents and will protect your product against these aggressive influences.
  • Polypropylene is extruded out of PP-PE Polymer, it lasts longer than cardboard and is fully recyclable, which makes it more eco-friendly than most other materials.

Printed Corriboard

Printed Corriboard

Corriboard has many applications such as estate agent signs, advertisement signage, election signs, POS displays, building site health and safety signs and the lighter grads can be use as floor covering during building and construction.

We can cut your corriboard to any shape you require for use in lots of applications such as stencils, life size cutouts, temporary traffic signs in diamond and circle shapes and many more.